Imperia Structures Delhi Review: An Armada of Amazing Architecture

Imperia Structures Delhi Review: An Armada of Amazing Architecture

The towering realty buildings mean nothing to pedestrians and potential customers if they’re not spiced up with architectonics. Imperia Structures knows this fact very well. It’s why their projects often do not agree with the generic shapes that are overused in most of the real estate projects. Imperia Armada is a band of upcoming residential apartments near Yamuna Expressway. These buildings will remind you of the towers and juggernauts of a utopian futuristic city straight from a sci-fi movie. The best part about these buildings is the pricing parameter of its apartments, which is Rs 43,056 per square meter. You can avail 2BHK and 3BHK apartments here.

The architects from Imperia Structures have based Imperia Armada’s look on a luxury liner. The magnificence doesn’t stop at the architecture or the presentation of the building, it continues to the amenities and quality of living. Imperia Structures did not sacrifice the residential space to concentrate on beautification of the buildings. The flooring is made up of vitrified tiles and the walls are styled with acrylic emulsion paint. Unlike most of the apartments, Imperia Structures uses a European-styled flush panel on the hardwood doors. Bedrooms have been laid out differently with laminated wooden flooring in their floor plans.

Imperia Armada boasts opulent amenities that’ll shower you with a lavish lifestyle. There’ll be two swimming pools on the podium level and four ultra-modern rooftop clubs. Moreover, you can change your lazy Saturdays to an active one with water sports. Imperia Armada will also include a tennis court and a basketball court for you to sweat out your stress.  Perhaps the most engaging part of this project is the sky-bridge. It’ll be an adventurous trip for you to walk on it! If you just want to relax after a long week, don’t worry, there’ll be a rooftop garden. Imperia Structures has basically planned a mini-city near Yamuna Expressway. You can know more about Imperia Armada here.



  • Nishant says:

    Onyx always reminds me of that big rock pokemon. The shades and the structure looks the same too. Amenities say that it has 70% greenery in the area and a world-class gym. My current office does not have a gymnasium around and I have been missing on my health a lot. I hope there are parks nearby too. Evenings after office deserve a park stroll.

  • Naman says:

    I was recently going through the portfolio of Imperia Structures and was very impressed. I must say they have some quite unique creations like the one designed like a cruise liner. The property was just so beautiful. Who would have ever thought of it? Kudos to the good work.

  • Viraat Kapoor says:

    I have been living in their apartment from last 2 years now. I have never faced any problem whatsoever. All the facilities are present and power backup is always here. So anybody wanting to buy from Imperia Structures can surely go ahead.

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